And Away We Go

Ancillary Justice, Winner of the Nebula and the Hugo Award for Best Science Fiction NovelMy plan is to read all the science fiction novels that have won any of the following three four awards:

  • The Hugo Award
  • The Nebula Award
  • The Philip K. Dick Award
  • The Arthur C. Clarke Awards

That’s a total of 129  154 novels, although that number will grow each year. I’ll probably never finish this reading project, but it will be fun to try. If you’d like to join me in reading some of the best science fiction novels of the last century, then please do. I’m starting with the novel Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie, which won both the Nebula AND the Hugo in 2014.

I got the idea for this project when I was searching the Internet for good blogs about books. I came across Robert Bruce’s awesome blog, and I thought, I can do that. I probably can’t do it as well as he does, but I can do it. He’s reading the top 100 novels since 1923 per Time magazine, plus Ulysses by James Joyce.

I like literary fiction, too, but I didn’t want to duplicate his project. What would be the point in that? Instead, I thought I’d indulge myself in the science fiction that I loved so much growing up in Bonham, Texas.

I read regularly. According to my Goodreads account, I average around 50 books a year. If I continue at that pace, and if I focus exclusively on the books on my list for this project, then I should finish in less than 3 years. Of course, I’m a whimsical reader, so I’m sure I’ll sneak in other books that aren’t part of the project, too.

For a list of the books I’m planning to read as part of this project, click on this link: The Project.

As I finish posts about the individual books, I’ll link to them from that page. So if you’re only interested in reading the book reviews themselves, you’ll find them all collected there. Who knows what I’ll include in my other posts?


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