Here are sites and blogs belonging to people I know and like. Some of them might belong to people I don’t know, too, but usually I like their websites for some reason, so I link to them from this page. Give them a visit:

Ann Leckie: She’s the author of Ancillary Justice, which is the first novel I read for this project.

Atte Aaltonen: He’s a friend of mine who runs a site about casino gambling. He’s especially interested in the odds and math behind the games.

Ben H. Winters: Writer of The Last Policeman trilogy. So far, these books have been my favorites.

David Dunham: He created the game King of Dragon Pass. His page includes his reviews of various RPG products.

It Started with the Hugos – An anonymous blogger who is also reading all the Hugo winners.

John Scalzi: He wrote Redshirts, which was the 2nd novel I read for this project.

Michael Martinez: He’s one of my best friends and also my business partner. Most visitors to this site will be interested in him because he’s a Tolkien scholar.


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